Advanced Materials and Processes research

TU/EScience & technology of fusion, AP
• Plasmas burn stability
• Plasma imaging diagnostics
• Helium transport in tokamak
• Material studies
DIFFER/Plasma & material processing, AP
• Plasma-materials interaction for fusion
• Plasma physics of detached plasma
Controls systems technology, ME
• Active control for fusion plasmas
Centre for analysis, scientific computing & applications, M&CS
• Tokamak magneto-hydro-dynamics
• Turbulent heat flow
Porous media flow
Turbulence & vortex dyn, AP
• Turbulence flow in tokamak
• Niek Lopes Cardoso

• Richard van de Sanden

• Maarten Steinbuch

• Barry Koren

• Herman Clercx
UNIVERSITY OF TWENTE• New materials for: Photocathalytic Fuel Synthesis Fuel Cells
• Solar Cells
• Piezoelectric thin films Thermoelectrics
• Membranes for Blue Energy Superconductivity
• Cryogenics
• Mark Huijben
• Guido Mul
• Guus Rijnders
• Marcel ter Brake
• Kitty Nijmeijer
Electrode materials development (Photoelectrochemical conversion)
Material solutions for extreme conditions (CSP, Fusion (divertor))
IPP: magnetocaloric materials
AMOLF (polman, subramaniam)
• Anja Bieberle (tenure tracker, photoelectrochemical conversion)
• Michael Tsampas (tenure tracker,electrochemical conversion)
• Hinrik de Vries (IPP FujiFilm)
TU DELFTMaterials for energy harvesting, -conversion and -storageSybrand van der Zwaag (EA)
RUGPhotophysics and optoelectronics - properties of new types of semiconductors and how these can be applied to generate energy
Ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials - Harvesting energy from vibrations
Maria Loi
Beatriz Noheda
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