Bio Energy research in The Netherlands

TU DELFT• Combustion of biomass
• Biomass gasification
• Biorefinery
• Making raw materials
• From nutrient to end product
• Waste as a raw material
• Wiebren de Jong (3ME)
• Luuk van der Wielen (TNW)
TU/EChemical reactor engineering, CE
• Rotating reactors
• Micro reactors
• hydrogen synthesis
Process technology, ME
• Biomass co-firing
• Evaporator flows in power plants
Energy technology, ME
• Torre faction for biomass
• Jaap Schouten

• Hans Kuerten

• David Smeulders
UNIVERSITY OF TWENTEThermochemical conversion of fresh and dry biomass. Combustion of Biomass. Torrefaction of Biomass. Gasification of Biomass Pyrolysis of Biomass Biorefinery
Algae Biorefinery
• Sascha Kersten
• Leon Lefferts
• K.Seshan
• Arjan Nijmeijer
• Gerrit Brem
• Maarten Arentsen
• Wim Brilman
TNOFocus thermochemical conversion:
• Torrefaction
• Gasification, gas cleaning
• Combustion, co-firing
• Bio-refinery, Catalysis
• Electro-chemical conversion of Algae
• Jaap Kiel
Website BIO
UNIVERSITY OF GRONINGEN• Advanced green gas technology development (phase 1)
• Advanced green gas technology development (phase 2)
• Harro Meijer
• Ben Feringa
RUG• Advanced green gas technology development
• Pyrolysis of biomass
• Atmospheric measurements of greenhouse gases and subsequent deduction of sources and sinks and application of radiocarbon (14) for fossil/biogenic discrimination in fuels, flue gases and in atmospheric carbondioxide.
• Products and Processes for Biotechnology in the Biobased Economy
• Catalytic chemistry and reactor concepts for catalytic processes with a strong emphasis on the conversion of (lignocellulosic) biomass to energy, biofuels and biobased (performance) chemicals.
Harro Meijer
Ben Feringa
Gert-Jan Euverink
Hero Jan Heeres
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