Matchmaking event NWA-ORC-2019 15 april 2019 (Utrecht)

Register now to pitch your proposal idea for the NWA-ORC-2019 call or to meet researchers with an idea.

The NERA will organize a matchmaking event to provide a stage for energy researchers to pitch their proposal ideas and connect or be connected to other researchers or consortia. Knowing that energy is cross-cutting through various NWA routes, this event intends to be of value for those working on proposals with links to routes such as the Energy Transition, Circular Economy, Sustainable Development Goals, and Smart and Liveable Cities.

New in the NWA-ORC 2019 call is the obligation to announce your initiative prior to the pre-proposal submission, in order to enable potential partners to register and possibly join a consortium. We hope that this matchmaking event will be used by you to strengthen your idea and involved consortium, perhaps in:

  • finding the right expertise,
  • linking to other ideas in the making
  • getting connected.

Date: Monday, 15 april 2019 (12.30 – 18.00 h)


In de Driehoek
Willemsplantsoen 1c
3511 AL Utrecht

Kennisfestival energietransitie op 29 november

Op donderdag 29 november organiseert ECN part of TNO het kennisfestival ’Energietransitie’ in het Oude Magazijn in Amersfoort. Tijdens dit kennisfestival presenteert ECN part of TNO nieuwe kennis en gaan wil vooral in gesprek met de deelnemers. Een belangrijk deel van de workshops zal ingeruimd zijn voor netwerken en matchmaking tussen de aanwezigen. Er zal ook een innovatiemarkt zijn. Aanmelden kan via

Het programma is als volgt:

09.30 Inloop en ontvangst
09.55 Welkom en toelichting programma
10.00 Naar een breed gedragen energietransitie.

Ton de Jong, Managing Director unit ECN part of TNO

10.15 De energietransitie: we zitten er midden in, uitdagingen genoeg!

Joop Oude Lohuis, Programmadirecteur energie bij de Gemeente Utrecht

10.30 Systeemintegratie voor een duurzame energietransitie. Wat is ervoor nodig? 

Andre Faaij, Hoogleraar Energiesysteemanalyse, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen en Director of Science, ECN part of TNO

10:45 De energietransitie vereist ook een verandering van gedrag en bestedingen. 

Bob van der Zwaan, senior scientist sustainable energy technology, bijzonder hoogleraar duurzame energietechnologie aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam

11:00 Pauze en bezoeken van de innovatiemarkt
11.30 Workshop Ronde 1

1 – Warmtevoorziening: omschakelen naar duurzaam

2 – Waterstof voor groene chemie en groene brandstoffen

3 – Toekomst van de luchtvaart: zijn klimaatdoelen en luchtvaartgroei tegelijkertijd mogelijk?

4 – Hoe werkt gedragsverandering in de industrie t.b.v. de energietransitie?

12.30 Lunchpauze en bezoeken van de innovatiemarkt
13.30 Workshopronde 2

5 – De flexibiliteit van het energiesysteem. Hoe modelleren en analyseren?

6 – Met toekomstvisies draagvlak creëren voor duurzame energie

7 – Aardgasvrij in vogelvlucht

14.30 Workshopronde 3

8 – Stel je bent de baas van Shell

9 – Praat mee over Aardgasvrij

10 – Een eerlijke energietransitie voor iedereen!

15:30 Pauze en bezoeken innovatiemarkt
16:00 Wrap up plenair
16.30 Netwerkborrel
17.30 Einde

Information meeting Perspectief 2018/2019 round

In order to provide information for potential applicants to the NWO perspectief call 2018/2019, NWO is hosting a meeting on Friday 5 October in Utrecht. During this meeting, NWO will provide an explanation of the modified an extended conditions of the programme, which will be open for applications on 1 October.

In addition to providing information about the new call, the meeting is aimed at stimulating new partnerships between companies from the top sectors, researchers and social organisations. These new partnerships give an impetus to innovation and knowledge development that contributes to solving societal challenges. Are you interested? You can then hold a pitch about your innovation question (entrepreneurs) or knowledge supply (researchers) during the matchmaking part.

Date / time: Friday 5 October 2018 from 12.30 -15.30 hours
Location: Muntgebouw, Leidseweg 90, Utrecht.

For more information and registration:

Applied Computation Sciences symposium 2018

The Dutch national research funding agency NWO, the Center for Computational Energy Research (CCER) and Shell are joining forces to initiate an annual Applied Computational Science (ACOS) symposium. The symposium will take place on 10 October 2018 at DIFFER, Eindhoven.

The goal of this annual symposium is to bring together the Dutch research community, both academic and industrial researchers, in applied computational science. The symposium is intended for all scientists developing and using computational methods to contribute to solving industrial and societal challenges, and is aimed at sharing and discussing developments in the field whilst building an enduring community of practice of Dutch applied computational science researchers.


For more information and the registration link, please visit:

Successful matchmaking event for the NWA route ‘Energy transition’

NERA looks back on a successful matchmaking event for the NWA route ‘Energy transition’. On July 17th we welcomed 75 participants for a programme full of networking opportunities and over 25 pitches of research ideas, consortia and unique expertise.

Slides of the presentation by NERA and by NWO with details of the NWA-ORC call can be found here. Please contact NERA at email for questions regarding the programme or to contact any of the speakers.

For further questions regarding the NWA-ORC call do not hesitate to contact Inge van Leeuwen ( or check the website for more details. Please note that recently NWO held a webinar regarding these call, where some of your questions might have been addressed. Have a look at:!/nwo/20180626_1

For general questions regarding funding opportunities for energy research at NWO, contact Marcel Hoek (

NWA matchmaking event Route Energy Transition

The NERA is hosting a matchmaking event on Tuesday July 17th in Utrecht (13.00 – 18.00 h) to give researchers and consortia a platform to pitch their proposal idea in connection to the theme of Energy Transition and the NWA bottom-up call. It’s an opportunity to meet fellow researchers and organizations active in the field.

The largest part of the program will consist of pitches [5 min per proposal idea] and table discussions.


  • Brief update by NERA: NWA route Energy Transition in relation to Dutch Climate Agreement
  • Presentation of NWA bottom-up call by NWO
  • Pitches of proposal ideas by researchers and consortia
  • Break-out table discussions
  • Networking

Registration for the event – or indicating your interest to pitch – can be done via the registration form (until Wednesday July 11th). The event will organized at the inspirational venue In de Driehoek in Utrecht. A maximum of 130 persons can be accommodated.

ECCM Conference 29 June

Friday 29 June the Netherlands conference on Electrochemical Conversion & Materials (ECCM) will be organized by the ECCM advisory committee, appointed by the Dutch government. The full programme is now available.


  • Date & time: Friday 29 June 2018, 9:00 – 18:00 h
  • Venue: Netherlands, NH Hotel, The Hague
  • Participation: free, including lunch
  • More information:
  • Setup: one day conference with scientific keynote lectures from academia, industry and NGO’s. To the parallel sessions Dutch scientists (group leaders), representatives from industry and NGO’s from various disciplines related to the central theme of the day will contribute to an appealing programme.
  • Download full programme
  • Language: English


  • Diederik Samsom, former politician, advisor in green energy supplies, negotiator for the Dutch Climate Agreement, The Netherlands
  • Prof. Dr. Robert Schlögl, Max-Planck-Institut für Chemische Energiekonversion, Germany
  • Dr. Ajay Mehta, Shell – Long Range Research and New Energy Technologies, United States
  • Prof. Dr. Ib Chorkendorff, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
  • Dr. Günter Schmid, Siemens, Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Annick Hubin, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
  • Dr. Pieter Boot, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, Netherlands
  • Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Bürgler  – voestalpine Stahl, Head of Research and Development Ironmaking, Linz, Austria
  • Dr. Behnam Taebi, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

It is clear that in our future energy system renewable electricity will play a main role in the transition to a low carbon energy supply. This transition is facilitated by CO2 targets of national governments and requires extensive electrification. In the future, however, there will still be a need for fuels (for aviation, shipping and heavy road transport) and for chemical products and materials. These activities and associated production processes are now responsible for more than 35% of global CO2 emissions. There is a big challenge to produce these fuels and chemical products through the use of renewable electricity, at the basis of biomass and/or CO2.

In addition, solutions are needed for the problem of the imbalance between production and consumption of electricity. These solutions lie in connecting networks and production capacity (interconnection), organizing an optimal balance of supply and demand, and in direct storage of electrical energy. Storage of electricity in batteries or similar systems is an option; electrochemical production of chemicals as an energy carrier is another option. Electrochemical conversion is a promising option for long-term storage as this technology is easy scalable to the amount of energy.

During the conference the state-of-the-art in science and technology will be shared by international key notes from academia and industry. Dutch scientist and industry representatives will contribute to an appealing parallel programme related to the theme of the conference. During the conference national R&D initiatives related to the ECCM theme will be announced.

Download full programme

w. // e. // v. Sandra de Keijzer (Topsector Energie, t.06 42035174) // Frank Karelse (Topsector HTSM, t. 06 11567154) // Mark Schmets (Topsector Chemie, t. 06 30369239) // Martijn de Graaff (Toegepaste onderzoeksinstituten, t. 06 22260871).


NWO kondigt NWA call voor dit jaar aan

Nationale Wetenschapsagenda – Onderzoek op Routes door Consortia (NWA-ORC)

Interdisciplinaire en kennisketenbrede consortia worden opgeroepen tot het indienen van onderzoeksvoorstellen die het brede en vernieuwende karakter van de NWA tot uitdrukking brengen.

De 25 routes uit het portfolio voor Onderzoek en Innovatie zijn hierbij het uitgangspunt.

Het doel van dit instrument is de financiering van onderzoek en innovatie op (delen van) de routes van de NWA of tussen routes. In het onderzoek wordt aangezet tot samenwerking zowel binnen de gehele publieke kennisketen als tussen de gehele kennisketen en maatschappelijke partners.

Lees meer op de website van NWO

Lees meer over de NWA Route Energietransitie 

NWO start programmaronde Nationale Wetenschapsagenda

Op 9 maart kondigde de minister van OCW in een Kamerbrief aan dat NWO nog dit jaar een programmaronde start rondom de Nationale Wetenschapsagenda. In 2018 is daarvoor 70 miljoen euro extra beschikbaar, oplopend tot 108 miljoen in 2019 en 130 miljoen vanaf 2020. Omdat NWO nog met het ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap (OCW) en de andere vakdepartementen en partners van de Kenniscoalitie in gesprek is over de invulling van het programma, bevat het bericht vooral enkele antwoorden op veelgestelde vragen.

Lees verder op de website van NWO