Op woensdag 25 september organiseert NWO een informatie- en matchmakingbijeenkomst voor de NWA call thema: Opslag en Conversie.

De bijeenkomst vindt plaats bij NWO Utrecht, Winthontlaan 2, van 13.00 tot 17.00 uur (routebeschrijving). Deze bijeenkomst wordt georganiseerd met als doel om partijen in contact te brengen om consortia te vormen. Aanmelden kan tot 23 september 12.00. Voor vragen kunt u contact opnemen met of 06-12 80 22 45.  Om aan te melden ga naar:

NERA assigns Scientific Board

The Netherlands Energy Research Alliance (NERA) is a platform of three Technical Universities (TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, TU Twente), Utrecht University, University of Groningen, NWO, TNO and ECN, all active in energy research.

NERA aspires towards optimal knowledge-sharing, coordination and cooperation in the field of energy research for an effective and successful energy transition

NERA’s mission is based on the vision that the effective use of knowledge-building resources is essential for a successful energy transition to a clean, safe and affordable energy supply.

The objectives of NERA are therefore fourfold:

  1. Bringing together the energy research community
  2. Providing information about, harmonising and coordinating energy research (without itself being part of a proposal and/or the implementation of the research):
    • Making the energy research visible
    • Facilitating the placement of research priorities on the agenda by creating a research portfolio, including the gaps in the field of research and recognising the strengths
    • Pooling together knowledge on energy matters, such as the NWA Energy Transition Route.
  3. Positioning Dutch energy research internationally, e.g. by participating in the EERA (European Energy Research Alliance)
  4. Representing the field of energy research when interacting with the Top Sectors (Energy, HTSM, Chemicals) and with the Ministries of Education, Economic Affairs and Infrastructure and the Environment.

In order to achieve these objectives, the NERA Board has decided to assign a Scientific Board. On May 1st, this board was appointed and consists of Kornelis Blok (TU Delft), Gerrit Brem (Twente University), Andre Faaij (University of Groningen), Gert Jan Kramer (University of Utrecht), Wim Sinke (ECN), Adriaan Slob (TNO) and David Smeulders (TU Eindhoven) under the chairmanship of Richard van den Sanden (NWO-I).

The Scientific Board will give solicited and unsolicited advice to the Board and profile itself as a sparring partner to NERA’s stakeholders on publicly funded energy research.

At the request of the Board, the Scientific Board will give their opinion on criteria for making choices in energy research, with concrete recommendations on content and tools. The advice will also be shared with the government, for example in the light of the intention to come up with a list of mission driven innovations.