Fuel Cells research in The Netherlands

TU DELFT• Electrolytes
• Catalysts & Electrodes
• Stack Materials and Design
• Systems
• Modelling, Validation and Diagnosis
• Hydrogen Production and Handling
• Aravind Aravind (3ME)
• Bernard Dam (TNW)
• Bendiks Jan Boersma (3ME)
Electrode materials development (Photoelectrochemical conversion)
• Anja Bieberle
RUGDevelopment and use of non-combustion conversion methods, such as fuel cells - Effects of sustainable fuels (biogas, hydrogen) on efficiencyHoward Levinsky
TU/ESynthetic: Molecular catalysis, CE
• Biomass upgrading
• Syngas chemistry
• Natural gas chemistry
Multiscale modeling multi phase flows, CE
• Fluidized bed modelling
• (slurry) bubble column modelling
Chemical process intensification, CE
• Hydrogen production
• Methane reforming/WGS
• Chemical looping reforming
• Membrane processes
Micro flow chemistry & process techn., CE
• Synthetic fuels
• Fuel processing/reforming to H2 for fuel cells (in APUs)
Photonics & semicon nano, AP
• Nanowires for fuel cells
Gas discharge processes, AP
• Solar fuels by reversed combustion
Control systems, EE
• Chemical transistor
DIFFER/Plasma & material processing, AP
• Solar fuel materials
• Atmospheric plasma processing
• Co2 activation
• Artificial leaf: CO2 neutral fuels
Solar: Molecular catalysis, CE
• Electro catalysis for solar fuels
• CO2 reduction chemistry
• Emiel Hensen

• Hans Kuipers

• Martin van Sint Annaland

• Volker Hessel

• Paul Koenraad

• Gerrit Kroesen

• Paul van den Hof

• Richard van de Sanden'

• Emiel Hensen
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