Geothermal Energy research in The Netherlands

TU DELFTGeo energy, e.g.:
• Reservoir Engineering
Oil and Gas Production Engineering
Reservoir Engineering
• Smart Fields
Advanced Reservoir SImulation
Unconventional Resources
Fluid Flow in Fractured Porous Media
Reservoir Aspects of CO2 Sequestration
Well Inflow Performance
Exergetic Viability of Energy Extraction Progresses
Jan Dirk Jansen
Willian Rossen
Parcelli Zitha
Cor van Kruijsdijk
Jan Dirk Jansen
Hadi Hajibeygi
Rossen, Zitha en Van Kruijsdijk
Rossen, Zitha en Van Kruijsdijk
Zitha, Rossen
em. Hans Bruijning
UNIVERSITY OF TWENTEEnhanced oil recoveryRieder Mugeler
TNOGeo energy, e.g.:
• Enhanced Oil Recovery
• Smart Fields
• Unconventional gas
René Peters
RUGGeo energy - Optimization of the extraction of fossil fuels and searching for new, sustainable energy sources in the earthRien Herber
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