NERA aims for optimal knowledge sharing, coordination and cooperation in energy research for an effective and successful energy transition through.

  • offering a platform for the Dutch energy research community
  • informing, harmonizing and coordinating energy consortia and research initiatives (without direct active participating in research proposals and research activities) but by:
    1. Visibility of the energy research (-> website:
    2. Assistance in determining research priorities by making a research portfolio: Inclusion of blind spots in the research field and recognition of strengths (-> Scientific Board)
    3. Combining knowledge about energy themes, as in the National Science Agenda – route energy transition;
  • the positioning of Dutch energy research internationally, including participation in the EERA ExCo Board and trade missions;
  • representation of the Dutch energy research field and community in the interaction with the  relevant Top Sectors (Energy, High Tech Systems and Materials, Chemistry), and Ministries (Education, Culture and Science, Economic Affairs, Infrastructure and Environment) as in the Knowledge and Innovation Agendas (KIA’s) for the Climate and Energy Agreement.