New Gases research

RUGEffects of sustainable gases on end-use uquipment within the current distribution bands
Optimum use of sustainable gases by expanding the distribution band of gas quality
Subsitute natural gas impact
Combustion properties of gas, gas interchangeability
Gas Conversion Technology
Design of LNG networks
Anatolki Mokhov
Anatoli Mokhov
Henk Moll
Howard Levinsky
Frank de Bruijn
Iris Vis
TU/ESynthetic: Molecular catalysis, CE
• Biomass upgrading
• Syngas chemistry
• Natural gas chemistry
Multiscale modeling multi phase flows, CE
• Fluidized bed modelling
• (slurry) bubble column modelling
Chemical process intensification, CE
• Hydrogen production
• Methane reforming/WGS
• Chemical looping reforming
• Membrane processes
Micro flow chemistry & process techn., CE
• Synthetic fuels
• Fuel processing/reforming to H2 for fuel cells (in APUs)
Photonics & semicon nano, AP
• Nanowires for fuel cells
Gas discharge processes, AP
• Solar fuels by reversed combustion
Control systems, EE
• Chemical transistor
Emiel Hensen

Hans Kuipers

Martin van Sint Annaland

Volker Hessel

Paul Koenraad

Gerrit Kroesen

Paul van den Hof
TNOHydrogen production and electrolysis
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