PV• Thin film: CIGS and OPV
• Building and infrastructure integrated PV (BIPV, SolaRoad)
• Reliability and integration research (accelerated lifetime measurements and development of new measurement methods, Degradation monitoring and modelling)
• Thin film development and optimalisation (efficiency increase, aesthetics modification, etc. etc.)
Ando Kuypers
WINDPredictable structural integrity
• Failure models for steel, composites and concrete
• Sensor technology & monitoring strategy
• Inspections based on probabilistic methods
• Regulations & Standards (expert opinion & validation)
Wind turbine blade integrity
• LE erosion modelling, testing, protection
• Self-healing and responsive materials
• Composite joints
Design Transport, Installation and logistics
• Noise initiation and propagation modelling / underwater acoustics
• Acoustic object (UXO) detection
• Autonomous underwater operations
• New concepts (floating / gravity based / tidal)
Operation & maintenance optimization
• Human factors in offshore operations
• Safety management, system resilience
• Adaptive automation
Maurits Huisman
SMART GRIDS• Powermatcher: balancing and optimising smart grids
• Information and communication technology for smart grids (communication, billing, security etc)
Koen Kok
George Huitema
GEOTHERMAL• 3D temperature modelling for geo-thermal energy
• Techno economical evaluations
• geothermal doublets
resevoir engeneering
• Enhanced geothermal systems
• chemistry of geothermal systems
Jan Diederik van Wees
CCS• Post combustion capture
• Subsurface storage (o.a. monitoring, modelling, …)
• System integration Transport
• Techno economical evaluations
• CCS public perception and policy
• Earl Goetheer
• Philip Neele
• Cor Hofstee
STORAGE• Seasonal thermal energy storage
• Thermo chemical storage
SHALE GAS• Public perception of shale gas (independent argument map)
• refining shale gas estimations
• methods and technologies relevant to possible future shale gas exploitation
Rene Peters
SMART CITIES• Urban Strategy (interactive tool for spatial planning)
• ‘Gebied EnergieNeutraal (GEN)’
• Smart Energy Systems
Nienke Maas
Richard Beekhuis
BIOElectro-chemical conversion of Algae
ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT & SOCIAL IMPACT (E3S)• Bussiness model developments / New business models
• Socio Economic aspects of energy transition
• Energy regulation and Legal Aspects of energy transition
• Energy transition models (power, gas)
• Socio-economic aspects of energy
• Energy Policy
• Economic and market models
Wemke van der Weij
Rob Weterings
Annelies Huygen
Wemke van der Weij
Rob Weterings
Rob Weterings
Wemke van der Weij
GEO ENERGYGeo energy, e.g.:
• Enhanced Oil Recovery
• Smart Fields
• Unconventional gas
René Peters