PV-Photovoltaic Research in The Netherlands

TU DELFTFocus on materials for solar cells:
• Thin-film high-yield silicon solar cells (light management, nanotechnology, nanoparticles)
• Transport proporties in new solar cell materials
Activities bundled in “Delft Solar”
• Miro Zeman (EWI)
• Arno Smets (EWI)
• Rene van Swaaij (EWI)
• Laurens Siebbeles (TNW)
• Erik van der Kolk (TNW)
TU/EPlasma & material processing, AP
• Surface passivation of solar cells
• Atomic layer deposition for energy technologies
•thin films for photovoltaics
Macromolec & organic chemistry, CE/AP
• Polymer solar cells
Photonics & semicon nano, AP
• Nanowires for solar cells
• Thermo electric generation
Gas discharge processes, AP
• Plasma for amorphous solar cells
Functional organic materials & devices, CE
• Self cleaning coatings for PV
• Luminous solar concentrator
• Erwin Kessels

• René Janssen

• Paul Koenraad

• Gerrit Kroesen

• Albert Schenning
UNIVERSITY OF TWENTE• PV applications• Wim Sinke
TNO• Wafer-based silicon PV technologies (bifacial & back contact cells and modules, nanotechnology).
• Thin Film: OPV, CIGS.
• Thin Film/silicon hybrid cells
• Smart modules, BIPV
• Building and infrastructure integrated PV (BIPV, SolaRoad)
• Reliability and integration research (accelerated lifetime measurements and development of new measurement methods, Degradation monitoring and modelling)
• Thin film development and optimalisation (efficiency increase, aesthetics modification, etc. etc.)
• Wim Sinke
Website PV
• Ando Kuypers
• NWO-focusgroep ‘Light management in new photovoltaic materials’ (AMOLF)
• NWO-focusgroep ‘Next generation organic photovoltaics’ (RUG)
• Albert Polman
• Wim Sinke
• Eric Garnett
• Kees Hummelen
RUGPlastic solar cells, organic energy and fuelsKees Hummelen
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