The Scientific Board consists of Kornelis Blok (TU Delft), Gerrit Brem (Twente University), Andre Faaij (University of Groningen), Gert Jan Kramer (University of Utrecht), Wim Sinke (ECN), Adriaan Slob (TNO) and David Smeulders (TU Eindhoven) under the chairmanship of Richard van den Sanden (NWO-I).

It gives solicited and unsolicited advice to the Board and profile itself as a sparring partner to NERA’s stakeholders on publicly funded energy research.

At the request of the Board, the Scientific Board will give their opinion on criteria for making choices in energy research, with concrete recommendations on content and tools. The advice will also be shared with the government, for example in the context of the intention to draw a list of mission driven innovation programmes.

The Scientific Board of NERA. Link to communiqué