Shale Gas research in The Netherlands

TU DELFTPM• Ruud Weijermars (CiTG)
• Auke Barnhoorn (CiTG)
• Aad Correlje (TBM)
• Behnam Taebi (TBM)
• Jan Dirk Jansen (CiTG)
TU/EMultischale modeling multi phase flows, CE
• Fluidized bed modelling
• Porous media flow modelling
Turbulence & vortex dyn, AP
• Droplets in turbulence (combustion)
• Optimization of turbulent & laminar heat transfer
• Modelling photo-bio reactors
• Transport of shale gas & heat
Separations technology, CE
• Natural solvents for delignification
• Deep eutectic solvents
• Sour gas sweetening
• CO2 capture by natural solvents
Energy technology, ME
• Liquefaction of natural gas
• Fracture studies (shale gas)
Combustion technology, ME
• Gas turbine studies
• 2nd gen biofuels
• Micro CHP
Process technology, ME
• Shale gas/oil exploration
Chemical process intensification, CE
• Carbon capture with membranes
• Chemical looping comustion
Control systems, EE
• Model based optim. of fossils exploration
Multiscale engineering fluid dynamics, ME
• Modelling for shale gas/oil exploration
• Hans Kuipers

• Herman Clercx

• Maaike Kroon

• David Smeulders

• Philip de Goey

• Hans Kuerten

• Martin van Sint Annaland

• Paul van den Hof

• Harald van Brummelen
TNO• Public perception of shale gas (independent argument map)
• Refining shale gas estimations
• Methods and technologies relevant to possible future shale gas exploitation”
• Eppe Luken
• Rene Peters
RUGRegulatory and legal framework for shale gas
Nanostructure of shales, resource estimation
Martha Roggenkamp
Rien Herber
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