Smart Cities Research in The Netherlands

TU DELFT• Energy neutrality of the built environment
• Energy renovation of existing housing stocks
• Climate adaptation
• Andy van den Dobbelsteen (BK)
• Arjan van Timmeren (BK)
TU/EBuilding physics, BE
• Natural ventilation & air quality
• Urban climate
• Wind modelling in harbors
• Urban climate adaptations
• Wind energy in built environment
Building materials, BE
• Functional materials
• Eco building materials
• Resource efficiency
Building performance & simulation, BE
• Building district energy optimization
• Energy and indoor environment
• Construction R&D support
Building services, BE
• Building mgt systems
• Smart controle, including storage
• Personal climate control
Urban science & systems, BE
• Climate change effect on consumption
• Data analysis for smart cities
Controls systems technology, ME
• Smart charging
Architectural urban design and eng., BE
• Urban heat island & mitigation
• Smart cities
• Energy neutral neighborhoods
Structural design, BE
• Adaptive structures and building envelopes
Building lighting, BE
• Energy-efficient lighting
• Daylighting
• Calculation methods
• Bert Blocken

• Jos Brouwers

• Jan Hensen

• Wim Zeiler

• Bauke de Vries

• Maarten Steinbuch

• Pieter van Wesemael

• Patrick Teuffel

• Alex Rosemann
UNIVERSITY OF TWENTETransition from Smart2Smarter Cities• Andre Doree
TNO• Urban Strategy (interactive tool for spatial planning)
• ‘Gebied EnergieNeutraal (GEN)’
• Smart Energy Systems
RUGSensing and controlling buildings
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