Successful matchmaking event for the NWA route ‘Energy transition’

NERA looks back on a successful matchmaking event for the NWA route ‘Energy transition’. On July 17th we welcomed 75 participants for a programme full of networking opportunities and over 25 pitches of research ideas, consortia and unique expertise.

Slides of the presentation by NERA and by NWO with details of the NWA-ORC call can be found here. Please contact NERA at email for questions regarding the programme or to contact any of the speakers.

For further questions regarding the NWA-ORC call do not hesitate to contact Inge van Leeuwen ( or check the website for more details. Please note that recently NWO held a webinar regarding these call, where some of your questions might have been addressed. Have a look at:!/nwo/20180626_1

For general questions regarding funding opportunities for energy research at NWO, contact Marcel Hoek (