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At the University of Twente, we are pioneers in fusing technology, science and engineering with social sciences to impact the world around us. Our driving force is a deep sense of connection with people who share a curious, entrepreneurial spirit.

PVPV applicationAngele Reijnders
WIND• Rotating flow machines
• Aero-acoustics
• Harry Hoeijmakers
SMART GRIDSICT for energymanagement and Smart Grids:
• Energy autonomous Smart Micro Grids
Cybersecurity of Smart Grids
• Zero Energy buildings
• Gerard Smit
• Johann Hurink
• Boudewijn Haverkort
• Thomas Hoppe
GEOTHERMAL• Geologic Remote Sensing
• Natural Hazards and Disaster Risk Management
• Freek van der Meer
• Andrew Skidmore
Chris Hekkert
OCEAN ENERGY• Blue Energy• Kitty Nijmeijer
BIOThermochemical conversion of fresh and dry biomass. Combustion of Biomass. Torrefaction of Biomass. Gasification of Biomass Pyrolysis of Biomass Biorefinery
Algae Biorefinery
• Sascha Kersten
• Leon Lefferts
• K.Seshan
• Arjan Nijmeijer
• Gerrit Brem
• Maarten Arentsen
• Wim Brilman
SMART CITIESTransition from Smart2Smarter Cities• Andre Doree
ADVANCED MATERIALS & PROCESSES• New materials for: Photocathalytic Fuel Synthesis Fuel Cells
• Solar Cells
• Piezoelectric thin films Thermoelectrics
• Membranes for Blue Energy Superconductivity
• Cryogenics
Mesoscale Chemical Systems
• Mark Huijben
• Guido Mul
• Guus Rijnders
• Marcel ter Brake
• Kitty Nijmeijer
Han Gardeniers
ECONOMIC, ENVIRON-MENT & SOCIAL IMPACT (E3S)Socio Economic aspects of energytransitions New business Models Ethical and Legal Aspects of energy transition

• Energy models (power, gas)
Science, Technology and Policies
Businees administration
• Thomas Hoppe
• Maarten Arentsen
• Bas Denters
• Michiel Heldeweg
• Remko Ybema
Stefan Kuhlman
Aard Groen/Petra de Weerd
GEO ENERGYEnhanced oil recoveryRieder Mugeler
ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN INDUSTRY• Waste combustion in grate furnaces
• Biomass co-firing in powerplants
• Co-combustion of prolysis oil in gas turbines
Theo van der Meer/Gerrit Brem
Theo van der Meer/Gerrit Brem
Theo van der Meer/Gerrit Brem
ENERGY EFFICIENT DESIGNEnergy efficient ICT Energy efficient product design PV in energy efficient product and systemdesign• Arian Nijmeijer
• Leon Lefferts
University of Twente CO2 Neutral Fuels: CO2 air capture, Methanol systhesis, Power to Fuels, CO2-Algae Fuels
CCU: Carbon Capture and Utilization
• Wim Brilman
CCS• Solvent and sorbent technologies
• CO2 capture from air
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