PV• Wafer-based silicon PV technologies (bifacial & back contact cells and modules, nanotechnology).
• Thin Film: OPV, CIGS.
• Thin Film/silicon hybrid cells
• Smart modules, BIPV
• Wim Sinke
Website PV
WINDFocus on Offshore wind:
• support structures,
• Operatiopn & Maintenace,
• Design of wind power plants, electric network.
• Peter Eecen
Website Wind
GEOTHERMALCombination of geothermal energy and heat pumps in industry.• Anton Wemmers
CCS• Pre-combustion capture.
• Public perception of CCS.
• CCS policy.
• Paul Cobden
• Jessanne Mastrop
OCEAN ENERGYTidal turbines.• Peter Eecen
STORAGE• System integration of renewable electricity.
• Demand-side management
• Power-to-Gas, -Fuels
• Rob Kreiter
BIOFocus thermochemical conversion:
• Torrefaction
• Gasification, gas cleaning
• Combustion, co-firing
• Bio-refinery, Catalysis
• Jaap Kiel
Website BIO
SHALE GASPublic perception of shale gas• Eppe Luken
ECONOMIC, ENVIRONMENT & SOCIAL IMPACT (E3S)• Energy models (power, gas)
• Socio-economic aspects of energy
• Energy Policy
• Economic and market models
• Paul Koutstaal
ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN INDUSTRY• Separation technology (membranes, sorbents), gas and liquid phase.
• Waste heat technoloogies (heat pumps, storage)
• Sigrid Bollwerk
SYSTEM INTEGRATION• Power-to-Gas, -Fuels
- Battery materials
- Large-scale kinetic storage
NEW GASESHydrogen production and electrolysis
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