NERA Scientific Board

Our scientific board

The Scientific Board develops and communicates the position of NERA in the (inter)national energy (innovation) policy arena and in the (inter)national energy research community. The Scientific Board also acts as major advisor (solicited and unsolicited) of the Board on strategic energy themes and issues. The Scientific Board gives direction to the Working Group.

Programme Development Manager Energy Transition Studies

Ruud van den Brink, TNO

Director UT Centre for Energy Innovation (CEI)

Jos Keurentjes, UT Twente

Professor of Biophysical organic chemistry

Huub de Groot, LEI

Professor of Sustainable Supply Systems

Gert Jan Kramer, UU

Director of Science

André Faaij, TNO

Principal Scientist Solar Energy

Richard van de Sanden, DIFFER

Title will follow soon

Name will follow soon

Professor of Energy and Environmental Studies

Klaus S. Hubacek, RUG

Professor of Policy Sciences & System Innovations

John Grin, UVA

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