Energy Storage research in The Netherlands

TU DELFT• Hydrogen storage
• Fuel cell efficiency
• Hydrogen sensors
• Hydrogen production
• Separation: membrane technology
• Batteries
Activities bundled in “Storage & Conversion of Renewable Energy” (SCORE)
• Bernard Dam (TNW)
• Fokko Mulder (TNW)
• Ekkes Bruck (TNW/ RID)
• Erik Kelder (TNW/ RID)
• Marnix Wagemaker (TNW)
TU/EEnergy technology, ME
• Thermo-chemical heat storage
• Heat storage systems
• Micro channel cooling & heating
Transport in permeable media, AP
• Thermo chemical materials
Control systems, EE
• Battery management
Plasma & materials processing, AP
• Atomic layer depositions for batteries
Energy materials devices, EE/CE
• Battery materials & modelling
Electrom. & power electronics, EE
• Energy harvesting systems
• David Smeulders

• Olaf Adan

• Paul van den Hof

• Erwin Kessels

• Peter Notten

• Elena Lomonova
TNO• System integration of renewable electricity.
• Demand-side management
• Power-to-Gas, -Fuels
• Seasonal thermal energy storage
• Thermo chemical storage
• Rob Kreiter
• Energy storage: direct and indirect conversion (photoelectrochemical, plasmolysis)
• Chemical storage: H2, CO, CH4,
• CCU: carbon capture and utilisation
• NWO program “CO2 neutral fuels”
• Membranes for separation
• Richard van de Sanden
• Gerard van Rooij (NWO CO2 neutral fuels, plasmolysis)
• Michael Gleeson (NWO CO2 neutral fuels, carbon capture)
• Waldo Bongers (plasmolysis)
• Stefan Welzel (plasmolysis)
• Researchers working on CO2 neutral fuels

• Andrea Baldi (Stanford / DIFFER)
University of TwenteUniversiteit Twente CO2 Neutral Fuels: CO2 air capture, Methanol synthesis, Power to Fuels, CO2-Algae-Fuels
CCU: Carbon Capture and Utilization
• Wim Brilman
RUGDecentralized gas storage to guarantee gas supply and allow balancing of the decentralized energy systemHenk Moll
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