University of Groningen

BIO• Advanced green gas technology development
• Growing and harvesting marine microalgae and seaweeds
• Effects of biogas combustion on efficiency and durability
• Application of radio carbon (14) for fossil/biogenic discrimination in fuels, fuel gases and in atmospheric carbondioxide.
• Pyrolysis of biomas
• Atmospheric measurements of greenhouse gases and subsequent deduction of sources and sinks and application of radiocarbon (14) for fossil/biogenic discrimination in fuels, flue gases and in atmospheric carbondioxide.

• Products and Processes for Biotechnology in the Biobased Economy
• Catalytic chemistry and reactor concepts for catalytic processes with a strong emphasis on the conversion of (lignocellulosic) biomass to energy, biofuels and biobased (performance) chemicals.
Harro Meijer
Ben Feringa
Gert-Jan Euverink
Hero Jan Heeres
Anita Buma
CCS• Effects of impurities is carbon dioxide on the carbon transport and storage chain optimization
• Regulating Carbon Capture and Storage
• Subsurface storage of CO2
• Energy efficient capture of CO2
• Monitoring CO2 storage
Martha Roggenkamp
Rien Herber
Geert Versteeg
Harro Meijer
SYSTEM INTEGRATION Energy systems analysis
Energy Systems; Modelling; Industrial Ecology; System Innovation
Embedding decentralized energy supply in the infrastructure
André Faaij
Hans Wortmann
Bert Scholtens
NEW GASES• Effects of sustainable gases on end-use uquipment within the current distribution bands
•Mixture/origin determination and verification using isotope methods
• Optimum use of sustainable gases by expanding the distribution band of gas quality
• Subsitute natural gas impact
• Combustion properties of gas, gas interchangeability
• Gas Conversion Technology
• Design of LNG networks
Anatoli Mokhov
Howard Levinsky
Iris Vis
Harro Meijer
ECONOMIC, ENVIRONMENT & SOCIAL IMPACT (E3S) • Bussiness model developments / New business models
• Socio Economic aspects of energy transition
• Energy regulation and Legal Aspects of energy transition
• Energy transition models (power, gas)
• Socio-economic aspects of energy
• Energy Policy
• Economic and market models
• Spatial aspects of energy transition
Linda Steg
Martha Roggenkamp
Machiel Mulder
Albert Bressand
Hans Vedder
Frank Vanclay
Jaap de Wilde
Gert de Roo
Ruud Teunter
André Faaij
Henny van der Windt
SMART GRIDSDistributed (optimal) control methods for smart grid applications
FlexiGrid: intelligent grids in Gas, in connection to electricity - ICT innovation in Energy
Billing and customer care applied to smart energy systems
Nonlinear control systems, cyberphysical systems, dynamical networks, resilient control, smart grids
Smart grids and embedded systems for energy
Regulation (legal aspects) of smart grids
Jacquelien M.A. Scherpen
Hans Wortmann
Huitema (ook TNO)
Claudio De Persis
Marco Aiello
Hans Vedder
ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN INDUSTRY• Photophysics and optoelectronics - properties of new types of semiconductors and how these can be applied to generate energy
• Ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials - Harvesting energy from vibrations • Renewable sources, green solvents and recyclable catalysts
Howard Levinsky
ADVANCED MATERIALS & PROCESSESPhotophysics and optoelectronics - properties of new types of semiconductors and how these can be applied to generate energy
Ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials - Harvesting energy from vibrations
Maria Loi
Beatriz Noheda
Jan-Anton Koster
Graeme Blake
Maxim Pchenitchnikov
Remco Havenith
Giuseppe Portale Francesco Picchioni
FUEL CELLS & HYDROGEN• Combustion processes using hydrogen and hydrogen-gas mixturesHoward Levinsky
Anatoli Mokhov
GEO ENERGYGeo energy - Optimization of the extraction of fossil fuels and searching for new, sustainable energy sources in the earthRien Herber
GEOTHERMALGeothermal energy as part of a heat gridRien Herber
OCEAN ENERGY• Harvesting of wave energy (Ocean grazer)
• Optimizing ocean current energy harvesting
Anita Buma
Bayu Jaywardhana
Antonis Vaki
PVPlastic solar cells, organic energy and fuelsKees Hummelen
Maria Loi
Jan-Anton Koster
Remco Haverith
Maxim Pchenitchnikov
Ryan Chiechi
SHALE GASRegulatory and legal framework for shale gas
Nanostructure of shales, resource estimation
Martha Roggenkamp
Rien Herber
WIND• (International) legal and regulatory aspects of offshore wind
• Sustainable service logistics for offshore • wind farms
• Biomimetic optimalization of aerodynamic desgn
Martha Roggenkamp
Iris Vis
Elize Stamhuis
SMART CITIES• Sustainable urban planningGert de Roo Ina Horlings Chris Zuidema Claudia Yamu
NUCLEAR• Radiation protectionSytze Brandenburg