University of Twente

PVDesign-driven research on PV technologies in products, buildings and local infrastructuresAngèle Reijnders
WIND• Rotating flow machines
• Aero-acoustics
• Harry Hoeijmakers
SMART GRIDSICT for energymanagement and Smart Grids:
• Energy autonomous Smart Micro Grids
Cybersecurity of Smart Grids
• Zero Energy buildings
• Gerard Smit
• Johann Hurink
• Boudewijn Haverkort
• Thomas Hoppe
GEOTHERMAL• Geologic Remote Sensing
• Natural Hazards and Disaster Risk Management
• Freek van der Meer
• Andrew Skidmore
Chris Hekkert
OCEAN ENERGY • Blue Energy• Kitty Nijmeijer
BIOThermochemical conversion of fresh and dry biomass. Combustion of Biomass. Torrefaction of Biomass. Gasification of Biomass Pyrolysis of Biomass Biorefinery
Algae Biorefinery
• Sascha Kersten
• Leon Lefferts
• K.Seshan
• Arjan Nijmeijer
• Gerrit Brem
• Maarten Arentsen
• Wim Brilman
SMART CITIESTransition from Smart2Smarter Cities• Andre Doree
ADVANCED MATERIALS & PROCESSES• New materials for: Photocathalytic Fuel Synthesis Fuel Cells
• Solar Cells
• Piezoelectric thin films Thermoelectrics
• Membranes for Blue Energy Superconductivity
• Cryogenics
Mesoscale Chemical Systems
• Mark Huijben
• Guido Mul
• Guus Rijnders
• Marcel ter Brake
• Kitty Nijmeijer
Han Gardeniers
ECONOMIC, ENVIRON-MENT & SOCIAL IMPACT (E3S)Socio Economic aspects of energytransitions New business Models Ethical and Legal Aspects of energy transition

• Energy models (power, gas)
Science, Technology and Policies
Businees administration
• Thomas Hoppe
• Maarten Arentsen
• Bas Denters
• Michiel Heldeweg
• Remko Ybema
Stefan Kuhlman
Aard Groen/Petra de Weerd
GEO ENERGYEnhanced oil recoveryRieder Mugeler
ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN INDUSTRY• Waste combustion in grate furnaces
• Biomass co-firing in powerplants
• Co-combustion of prolysis oil in gas turbines
Theo van der Meer/Gerrit Brem
Theo van der Meer/Gerrit Brem
Theo van der Meer/Gerrit Brem
ENERGY EFFICIENT DESIGNEnergy efficient ICT Energy efficient product design PV in energy efficient product and systemdesign• Arian Nijmeijer
• Leon Lefferts
University of Twente CO2 Neutral Fuels: CO2 air capture, Methanol systhesis, Power to Fuels, CO2-Algae Fuels
CCU: Carbon Capture and Utilization
• Wim Brilman
CCS• Solvent and sorbent technologies
• CO2 capture from air