Our People

Our board

The Board meets twice a year and sets out the strategic lines for NERA.
The Board gives direction to the Working Group.


André Faaij, TNO

Board Member

Tom Veldkamp, UT Twente

Board Member

Peter-Paul Verbeek, UVA

Board Member

Bram de Vos, WUR

Board Member

Silvia Lenaerts, TU Eindhoven

Board Member

Tim van der Hagen, TU Delft

Board Member

Jouke de Vries, RU Groningen

Board Member

Wilco Hazeleger, UU

Board Member

Henk-Jan Vink, TNO

Our scientific board

The Scientific Board develops and communicates the position of NERA in the (inter)national energy (innovation) policy arena and in the (inter)national energy research community. The Scientific Board also acts as major advisor (solicited and unsolicited) of the Board on strategic energy themes and issues. The Scientific Board gives direction to the Working Group.

Professor of  Economics & Governance of Technological Innovation

Floor Alkemade, TU/e

Dean of Center of Expertise Energy

Jan-Jaap Aué

Professor Energy Transition

Jeike Wallinga, UAS Windesheim

Business Unit Manager

Chris de Visser, WUR

Director UT Centre for Energy Innovation (CEI)

Jos Keurentjes, UT Twente

Professor of Biophysical organic chemistry

Huub de Groot, LEI

Professor of Sustainable Supply Systems

Gert Jan Kramer, UU

Director of Science

André Faaij, TNO

Group Leader

Bruno Ehrler, AMOLF

Professor of Economic Regulation & Market Governance

Saskia Lavrijssen

Professor of Energy and Environmental Studies

Klaus S. Hubacek, RUG

Professor of Policy Sciences & System Innovations

John Grin, UVA

Professor at TU Delft

Peter Palensky

Professor Low Carbon Systems and Technologies

Andrea Ramirez Ramirez

Title unknown

Member to be announced

Our working group

The Working Group consists of academic staff members of NERA member organizations. The working group’s task is to mediate information and data from member organizations to NERA and the other way around and to act as linking pin to the energy research community of their respective organizations.

Working Group Member

Maarten de Zwart, NWO Utrecht

Working Goup Member

Mark Boneschanscher, Tu/e

Working Group Member

Sha Lou, 4TU

Working Group Member

Jasper van Alten, UT

Working Group Member

Tom van Rens, NWO

Working Group Member

Saeedeh Shahnahpur, DIFFER

Chair of Working Group

Gerrit Jan Valk, TNO

Working Group Member

Patricia Poppendick, RUG

Working Group Member

Leo Dvortsin, RUG

Working Group Member

Peter Ngene, U-Utrecht

Working Group Member

Mark Kas, RUG

Working Group Member

Peter van der Donk, UvA

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