TU Delft

TU Delft is the oldest and largest Dutch public technological university. The main tasks include providing scientific education, conducting scientific research, transferring knowledge to society and promoting social responsibility.

PVFocus on materials for solar cells:
• thin-film high-yield silicon solar cells (light management, nanotechnology, nanoparticles)
• Transport proporties in new solar cell materials
Activities bundled in “Delft Solar”
• Miro Zeman (EWI)
• Arno Smets (EWI)
• Rene van Swaaij (EWI)
• Laurens Siebbeles (TNW)
• Erik van der Kolk (TNW)
WINDFocus on offshore wind:
• Aerodynamics
• Smart rotor
• Offshore support structures
Wind in sustainable power supply systems
• System integration
• Social Responsible innovation
• Regulated Markets and Entrepreneurship
Wind Power Station
• Wind Farm Design
• Next Generation Asset Management
Wind Energy Converters
• Rotor Design
• Drive Train and Electrical Conversion
• Support Structure Design
• Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
• Airborne Wind Energy
Activities bundled in “Duwind”
• Simon Watson (LR)
• Gerard van Bussel (LR)
• Michiel Zaaijer (LR)
• Rolf Kunneke (TBM)

• Ibo van de Poel (TBM)
SMART GRIDS• Scenarios for the energy transition based on agent-based simulation models
• Balancing and optimising smart grids
• Designing and managing of smart grids
Activities bundled in “Powerweb”
• Rolf Kunneke (TBM)
• Zofia Lukszo (TBM)
• Cees Witteveen (EWI)
• Kees Vuik (EWI)
GEOTHERMAL• reducing geological uncertainty
• understanding and controlling the geo-chemical processes
• David Bruhn (CiTG)
• Jan Dirk Jansen (CiTG)
• Karl Heinz Wolf (CiTG)
CCSResearch is mainly carried out within the CATO programme. TUD focus on:
• subsurface storage in depleted reservoirs
• CO2 capture
• Karl Heinz Wolf (CiTG)
NUCLEAR• Fourth generation nuclear reactors
• Small and medium-sized nuclear reactors
• Storage of long-lasting radioactive waste
• The ethical aspects of nuclear energy
• Radiation research
• Jan Leen Kloosterman (TNW)
CSP• Organic Rankine Cycle• Piero Collona (LR)
OCEAN ENERGYOcean Thermal EnergyBerend Jan Kleute
STORAGE• Hydrogen storage
• Fuel cell efficiency
• Hydrogen sensors
• Hydrogen production
• Separation: membrane technology
• Batteries
Activities bundled in “Storage & Conversion of Renewable Energy” (SCORE)
• Bernard Dam (TNW)
• Fokko Mulder (TNW)
• Ekkes Bruck (TNW/ RID)
• Erik Kelder (TNW/ RID)
• Marnix Wagemaker (TNW)
• Catalysts & Electrodes
• Stack Materials and Design
• Systems
• Modelling, Validation and Diagnosis
• Hydrogen Production and Handling
• Aravind Aravind (3ME)
• Bernard Dam (TNW)
• Bendiks Jan Boersma (3ME)
BIO• Combustion of biomass
• Biomass gasification
• Biorefinery
• Making raw materials
• From nutrient to end product
• Waste as a raw material
• Wiebren de Jong (3ME)
• Luuk van der Wielen (TNW)
SHALE GASPM• Ruud Weijermars (CiTG)
• Auke Barnhoorn (CiTG)
• Aad Correlje (TBM)
• Behnam Taebi (TBM)
• Jan Dirk Jansen (CiTG)
SMART CITIES• Energy neutrality of the built environment
• Energy renovation of existing housing stocks
• Climate adaptation
• Andy van den Dobbelsteen (BK)
• Arjan van Timmeren (BK)
GEO ENERGYGeo energy, e.g.:
• Reservoir Engineering
Oil and Gas Production Engineering
Resevoir Engineering
• Smart Fields
Advanced Reservoir Simulation
Unconventional Resources
Fluid Flow in Fractured Porous Media
Reservoir Aspects of CO2 Sequestration
Well Inflow Performance
Exergetic Viability of Energy Extraction Processes
Jan Dirk Jansen
William Rossen,
Parcelli Zitha
Cor van Kruijsdijk
Jan Dirk Jansen
Hadi Hajibeygi
Rossen, zitha en Van Kruijsdijk
Rossen, zitha en Van Kruijsdijk
Zitha, Rossen
em. Hans Bruijning
ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN INDUSTRYEnergy efficiency in industry, e.g.:
• Energy-efficient separation processes
• waste-free and energy-efficient chemical processes
• Andrzej Stankiewicz (3ME)
ENERGY EFFICIENT DESIGNEnergy efficient design
• PM
• David Keyson (IO)
SYSTEM INTEGRATIONEnergy Systems Analysis
Engineering Systems Design
• Kornelis Blok (TBM)
• Paulien Herder (TBM)
ADVANCED MATERIALS & PROCESSES Materials for energy harvesting, – conversion and –storageSybrand van der Zwaag
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