Wind Energy Research in The Netherlands

TU DELFTFocus on offshore wind:
• Aerodynamics
• Smart rotor
• Offshore support structures
Wind in sustainable power supply systems
• System integration
• Social Responsible innovation
• Regulated Markets and Entrepreneurship
Wind Power Station
• Wind Farm Design
• Next Generation Asset Management
Wind Energy Converters
• Rotor Design
• Drive Train and Electrical Conversion
• Support Structure Design
• Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
• Airborne Wind Energy
Activities bundled in “Duwind”
• Simon Watson (LR)
• Gerard van Bussel (LR)
• Michiel Zaaijer (LR)
• Rolf Kunneke (TBM)

• Ibo van de Poel (TBM)
UNIVERSITY OF TWENTE• Rotating flow machines
• Aero-acoustics
• Harry Hoeijmakers
TNOFocus on Offshore wind:
• support structures,
• Operatiopn & Maintenace,
• Design of wind power plants, electric network.
Predictable structural integrity
• Failure models for steel, composites and concrete
• Sensor technology & monitoring strategy
• Inspections based on probabilistic methods
• Regulations & Standards (expert opinion & validation)
Wind turbine blade integrity
• LE erosion modelling, testing, protection
• Self-healing and responsive materials
• Composite joints
Design Transport, Installation and logistics
• Noise initiation and propagation modelling / underwater acoustics
• Acoustic object (UXO) detection
• Autonomous underwater operations
• New concepts (floating / gravity based / tidal)
Operation & maintenance optimization
• Human factors in offshore operations
• Safety management, system resilience
• Adaptive automation
• Peter Eecen
Website Wind
• Maurits Huisman
NWO• fluid dynamics and turbulenceCWI
• Ute Ebert, Jeroen Witteveen
• Richard Stevens (Baltimore / UT)
RUG(International) legal and regulatory aspects of offshore wind
Sustainable service logistics for offshore wind farms
Martha Roggenkamp
Iris Vis
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